Märzen & Table 2 Case Bundle


A classic, rich Oktoberfest Lager 5.0%ABV. For our Märzen, we chose Light Munich and German Pilsner malts as the base. Dark Munich malts bring a rich, biscuity body. Three noble hops, Mittelfruh, Tettnang and Mandarina Bavaria, provide floral notes and a stroke of citrus. Four weeks of lagering clean up the flavour profile, allowing for a crisp, dry finish.

Table beer 2.8%ABV is a low ABV, light-bodied brew, perfect for pairing with food. An historic style, Table Beers are now seeing a Renaissance thanks to new approaches to the style.

Our Specials Range seeks to reinvigorate perceptions of iconic beer styles. The beers in this range will be fresh interpretations, using heritage ingredients and implementing modern techniques.

1 case x 12 cans Table 2.8%ABV
1 case x 12 cans Marzen 5.0%ABV.