Born and raised in South London, Derek is our Master Brewer. He’s been a key member of the brewery since its conception back in 2014. Derek’s brewing career started over half a century ago and he became a Master Brewer 25 years ago. 

His passion in craft beer started from an early ‘drinking age’ with admiration for Young’s beers and pubs. Regional breweries such as Young’s, Fullers, Taylors along with CAMRA beer enthusiasts helped inspire the early ‘craft brewers ‘ in the US. This in turn led on to the exciting craft beer revival worldwide that we know today. Derek’s real passion came when he did his first ‘mash’ in the Truman brewery and he still gets the same thrill ‘mashing in’ at Wimbledon brewery today.

We asked Derek to tell us a bit more about himself. We thought you’d like to know a bit more about his taste in beer and all things relating to brewing:

  • Favourite Wimbledon beer: Common 3.7% sessionable ale in the Pub, Gold 4.8% Helles-style Lager at home.
  • Favourite beer you’ve had abroad: Schönraum Helles
  • Favourite brewery which you’ve visited: The Trappist Belgium brewery of Rochefort ( a little bit of Heaven on Earth)
  • What three things make a good pub (or tap room): The people who make up the serving team, good beer and the customers.

The Wimbledon Brewery wouldn’t be what it is today without Derek. We are all highly honoured to work with him, and we have the good fortune to learn from him.