September Brewhouse Beers on the Small Brew Kit

Sometimes the brewers have time to indulge their interest in brewing something a little different. We have a small brew kit on wheels which comes out and they get going. With Orange peel, coriander seed and black pepper, this is a 4.7%ABV Belgian wit beer. The predominant spice in a wit beer is coriander seed and should be obvious in the nose.

Michael and Max kegged two 30 Litre kegs for the Tap Room and we sent out a message on Instagram. By Sunday the beer had been drunk and had some very favourable reviews. If you didn’t get a taste, we’re sorry about that.

They are putting on the ‘Winner Saison’, which is a 4.5%ABV traditional French farmhouse brew next.

Hopefully, they will continue to surprise us with new ideas in the next few months.